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About Us

About BSI Bulk Seed

We are at the forefront of our market
Together with our Partners, we have been actively sourcing, and maintaining seed stocks of all possible varieties for almost 10 Years now. We constantly keep improving and evolving our productrange  and seed quality. 

For many years we have been involved in a multitude of projects in seed production and technology in the international industry. We remain involved today by closely working together with the biggest and most professional seed producers and contractors.
Our commitment to excellence
Our main priority has always been and will always be the satisfaction of our buyers; covering all your needs while guaranteeing a first-class product in accordance with our standards of excellence. We aim to offer you all your familiar favorites, as well as countless other unique and unusual varieties.
We want to be your go-to place you can trust when you are looking for any seed. And if we don't have what you need... drop us a line and we'll solve it right away!

Custom packaging for seed retailers

As a wholesale company  we are selling our products to many different seed retailers. We do not only sell our seeds in bulk bags but also offer a Private-Label packaging service. 

Simply send us your design and we will get your seedbags be produced and filled by our automated seed packaging machine. You will receive highly professional seedbags, with your custom branding, for a few pennies only!

Interested?  Feel free to get in touch with us,
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